Thursday, July 5, 2018

Personal Accountant (L1)


  Personal Accountant (Level 1)

Personal Accountant (L1) is a first-level accounting app that stores financial transactions of the money resources. It is simple and easy to use, which is proper for all people including adults, specialists, children, etc. This app calculates the balance of each resource according to financial transactions. The money resources are categorized into three groups: Wallet, Safe and Bank. Each resource has an initial balance to determine financial balance of the resource in the first time. Incomes are added to these resources as well as expenses are subtracted from them. Budget is calculated by using sum of initial balances, sum of incomes, and sum of expenses. Moreover, financial balances of all the resources are determined separately. Overall view of the app is shown in the below.

Personal Accountant (L1) ver 1.0 [build 1 update 0] was released on September 13, 2017. Main features of the original version are as the below:
•    To store all transactions of the incomes
•    To hold detailed information of the expenses
•    To report transactions and financial summary of the wallet, safe, and bank
•    To illustrate a comparative chart of the monthly income and expense
•    Financial summary of the whole system

Personal Accountant (L1) ver 1.1 [build 1 update 1] is the first update of this app, which was released on February 15, 2018. Changes of this version are listed as the follows:
•    Thousands separators (,) are added to the currency fields.
•    Only the numeric keyboard is enabled for currency fields.

Personal Accountant (L1) ver 1.2 [build 1 update 2] is the second update of this app, which was released on March 20, 2018. Changes of this version are listed as the follows:
•    The existing software bugs are corrected again.